Homecoming Game Schedule

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5:30 pm: Field available for warm-ups, gates open to spectators

6:15 pm (45:00 on field clock): Clock operator will start the clock at 45 minutes

6:40 pm (20:00 on field clock): Carmel Football Alumni Club presentation of the 1978 State Champions reunion and recognition on the track at 50 yard line

6:45 pm (15:00 on field clock): Teams will go to locker room (captains do coin toss before leaving field), band and choirs take field for pre-game ceremonies

6:50 pm (10:00 on field clock): Band and choirs perform National Anthem

6:55 pm (5:00 on field clock): Field available for final warm-up

7:00 pm: Kick-off

Halftime (20 minutes total)

Marching Band show and Homecoming activities

End of third quarter 

Buffalo Wild Wings “Field Goal Challenge” at opposite end zone from teams