App of the Month: Vine


Over the past few months, Vine has surged to the top of the App Store market as it continues to gain popularity among users. Launched by Twitter, Vine is a video-making tool that allows users to share and view their followers’ Vines through their own Twitter accounts.

Vine is the newest social networking tool, and many CHS students are contributing to its growing popularity by choosing to make videos with it, rather than with Instagram.

According to Samantha “Sam” Sharkey, vine user and junior, the popularity of Vine among students may be due to many reasons, including the entertainment factor.

“It’s really funny and entertaining to watch other people do stupid stuff just for Vine. It’s (also) really easy to use,” Sharkey said.

Vine allows users to film several one to two second clips, then combines them in a six second video loop. The app is a combination of Instagram videos and Twitter, in that users have a profile, and they can like or comment on their Twitter followers’ Vines. Users can make videos about anything they want, similar to Instagram, and many students take advantage of this feature.

Sharkey said, “I’ll post things like (if) something funny happens; I’ll have my friends reenact it because it’s entertaining.”

Despite the similarities between Vine and Instagram, CHS students still prefer Vine over Instagram for making videos, according to Sharkey.

“Instagram might be better because the videos are longer, (but) I like to keep the two separate. I like to see just pictures or just videos,” Sharkey said.

Sharkey also said that Vine is easier to use than Instagram because it requires less steps to record a video. Additionally, Vine has less playback issues than Instagram.

“It’s easy. You just have to open the app and take the video,” Sharkey said.

Also, Vines are only six second loops, which make them quicker to record and share clips through Twitter.

Since Vine recently hit Android phones, the app’s number of users has gone up from 13 million to 40 million.

According to Sharkey, the number of CHS students using Vine rather than Instagram will continue to grow as well.