“Holiday Spectacular” to take place from Dec. 4 to 8


The choirs will be participating in the winter concert, “Holiday Spectacular,” from Dec. 4 to 8. The concert will take place in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. According to choral director Lamonte Kuskye, the directors are still brainstorming ideas for the big performance while students are learning their songs.

Kuskye said the planning process for the winter concert includes discussions with the other directors. According to Kuskye, in order to uphold the renowned excellence of “Holiday Spectacular,” the directors are very careful in choosing how and what each group performs.

“We only put out there what we want people to see,” Kuskye said. “Quality, not quantity. We keep our standards high, and people want all of our (students) to look great and be successful on that stage. It is so important that they leave the stage feeling like they’ve given their best.”

Palmer Tweedy, member of Select Sound and sophomore, said he is enthusiastic about practicing for the concert.

“I’m really excited. Although we’re (in the auditorium) 6 to 10 p.m. every day of the week for a couple weeks, it’s really fun to be with everyone and learn the dances,” Tweedy said.