Next GKOM meet-up to occur on Jan. 23


The next GKOM meet-up will take place on Jan. 23 in the designated freshmen SRT classrooms. According to Mike Meyers, GKOM sponsor and special services teacher, the mentors should use this time to discuss the second semester and upcoming events.
“This is a really busy time of the year, and it is easy for students to get overwhelmed. It would be great for the GKOMs to talk through it with the freshmen, so that they aren’t too overwhelmed for the months to come,” Meyers said.
According to Delaney Brinson, member of GKOM Council and senior, this meet-up will be a good chance for the mentors to continue to connect with their freshmen students as there are not many meet-ups left.
“It’s kind of sad to think that there are only a couple (meet-ups) left. As a council member, I have the opportunity to go around to all the classrooms and see the progress the freshmen and our mentors are making.  Freshmen students should expect to get some helpful tips about the upcoming finals,” Brinson said.
“Overall, the GKOM program is really helpful when it comes to preparing freshmen for what’s next,” Meyers said.