Transportation department considering adding buses to next year’s fleet


The transportation department’s plans for the 2015 fiscal year include consideration for adding buses, according to Ron Farrand, director of facilities and transportation.

“We have enough seating capacity on our bus fleet but we have a time problem in terms of getting students to school on time, so our planning for the 2015 fiscal year is likely to include consideration of adding buses,” Farrand. “It is also based on the projected growth at the secondary level and the geographic distribution of those students.”

Also, statistics based on data compiled in the fall show a steady upward trend in the enrollment rates, according to Farrand. From the 2010-2011 school year to this school year, there was a 4 percent growth in total eligible student bus riders.

Farrand said, “The growth of enrollment is just enough and the geographic distribution will cause us to consider adding buses to our fleet.”

Lucy Wright, frequent bus rider and freshman, also said she thinks more buses should be added.

“I think that Carmel should add more buses to the system because on some buses a lot of kids are crammed in,” Wright said. “Also some kids that live farther away from school get home too late, which can affect their school work.”