GSA’s next meeting will be after school on Feb. 13 in Room B206


The next Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) meeting will take place after school on Feb. 13 in sponsor Jeremy Horner’s room, B206. Members will discuss queer news and the Olympics.

Officer and sophomore Anthony Giannamore said, “At our next meeting we’re probably going to spend a lot of time discussing—I don’t know if they actually made the announcement yet—the attorney general announcing that gay marriage will be federally observed all throughout the country even in states that don’t allow it on a state level.”

The officers of GSA are talking about getting together with University High School’s and Zionsville Community High School’s GSAs to have a queer convention.

Officer and junior Brooke Hosfeld said, “There’s an organization where if you can get three GSAs together, they’ll give you money to have a party convention—an event to raise awareness.”