School year marks start of weighted grades

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By: Michael Wang <[email protected]>

  • Summer school courses taken in 2007 will have added weight
  • The school board did not approve to weight grades retroactively, so colleges will see an official GPA and an unofficial GPA on transcripts
  • The unofficial GPA states what the GPA would be if grades were weighted all throughout the student’s high school career
  • An addendum will be attached to all transcripts explaining two GPAs because of the introduction of the weighted grade system
  • There will no longer be class rank
  • Titles will no longer exist like valedictorian or salutatorian
  • If colleges ask for rank, the standard statement is that this school does not rank its students
  • Graduation speakers will be the class president, the distinguished graduate, and one other speaker
  • Concerning whether colleges consider weighted grades or unweighted grades more, it varies by college. Most college admission officers just look at what the school provides
  • The High Expectations committee, led by Linda Thompson looked at research to determine if weighted grades would encourage students to take more rigorous courses. There has been an increase in enrollments in some AP courses.
  • AP Biology had three classes last year and will have four this year
  • AP Environmental Science had one class last year and four this year
  • AP European History had five classes last year and eleven this year
  • Courses receiving extra weight will have a notation on them on student transcripts so that they can be easily identified as being eligible for added weight.