Carmel Clay Parks will commence teen council to plan events

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By: Amy Flis <>

Starting next calendar year, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation (CCPR) will have a group of high schoolers put together to brainstorm and organize events and programs for CCPR.
“Any suggestions that (the members of this council) have we’ll take into consideration and hopefully offer in the next brochure,” Lindsay Holajter, marketing coordinator for CCPR, said.

Freshman Vanessa Roy, who said she goes to the Monon Center all the time, said that it could have a positive outcome.

“(The council members will) be able to pick programs that they and others their age will be excited about,” Roy said.

According to Holajter, the teen council will probably meet once a month. She said CCPR wants “to get them involved and show them that we care about their opinions in what we offer.” If interested, students can contact Billie Carder at 573-5247 for applications and additional information on getting involved.

Roy said, “I think that a teen council will make teenagers more excited about exercising and staying healthy.”