Police to enforce “no parking” fire lanes with ticketing

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By: Jaclyn Chen <[email protected]>

A painted yellow curb has always meant no parking, but now with the newly-painted fire lanes on the front circle and near the natatorium, parking in those areas will equal a ticket and a $150 fine.

Per the phone message sent out last Monday to all students’ homes, Principal John Williams said the primary reason for the new measure is to make way for rescue vehicles in case of emergency.

Officer Gene Stilts, who will administer the tickets, said that because the areas weren’t clearly marked as fire lanes before, the fine was a $5 fine for a City Ordinance violation.

Now with the new lines and the newly enforced measures, a state traffic ticket will cost $150. Once a driver leaves the vehicle, the car is considered parked, according to Stilts.

He said that the measure is aimed at clearing the illegally parked cars during basketball games and other events, so parents may still pick up and drop off students as usual.