Astronomy Club fundraises for field trip


Astronomy Club is currently fundraising in order to fund a field trip to Chicago in the spring, according to sponsor Keith Turner. Turner said the club members are only going to Chicago if they fundraise enough money to fund for the trip. Half of the money from astronomy shows, Turner said, will go toward the field trip, and club members will be selling store-bought baked goods at the shows.

Turner said, “For the bus, it’s about $700 to $800 all day to take us from here to Chicago and all the way back. If we don’t raise enough money, going to the Lincoln Observatory is a possible the backup plan.”

Yanying Chen, Astronomy Club president and senior, said in addition to fundraising at shows, members are seeking permission to fundraise during lunch.

Chen said, “We sold baked goods and candy during our last show, and during lunch, we are unsure of what we are going to sell. We’ll hopefully be fundraising until the end of the year, since our field trip will be in May. I really hope it will work out since this is my last year.”