Shooting for Perfection

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By: Jon Haslam <>

The men’s varsity basketball team has a perfect record as it approaches the middle of its season. The team has had a fairly balanced schedule up until this point, with five home wins and six away wins. Tomorrow’s game against Hamilton Southeastern (HSE) is an away game, but not like the team is used to seeing.

The team’s 13th game of the season against HSE will take place at Conseco Fieldhouse. Both players and coaches agreed that it is a different type of atmosphere.

“It’ll be fun to play in a different environment, and Conseco is a cool gym,” forward and junior Brandon Wojcik said. He has never played at Conseco. While he thinks the Fieldhouse is new and different, he says in the end it’s the same type of game.

“It’s just another game just in a different place,” Wojcik said. “The rims might be a little different but that really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s Carmel vs. HSE.”

For players like Senior Jordan Brewer and Junior Morgan Newton, playing on the professional venues is becoming something of a habit. After the State football tournament that took place in the RCA Dome, Newton said he still looks forward to games in large venues.

“It is always fun to play those games. I still get excited for them because for most people, they might not ever experience playing in a place like that,” Newton said.

Newton said that although the size of the venue is changed immensely, it doesn’t affect his game play. He said the game will still follow its same course, and there is really no reason to be nervous.

Not only are players like Newton experienced to the play of big stadiums, but Head Coach Mark Galloway has also seen his fair share of sport venues.

Galloway played for basketball in high school at Plainfield, and continued playing in college at Bethel.

“Being a Division II school, our gym wasn’t that big, and when we went on the road we played at bigger places. I really like the atmosphere along with a bigger crowd,” Galloway said.

Galloway said that anytime there is an away game it is different, with a new shooting background and it’s not always as comfortable.

Even though tomorrow’s game is at a larger and more well known arena, the team looks to remain focused for the remainder of the season.

“We still have to play one game at a time, and continue to play well on the road,” Galloway said, “We have to take games slowly and not lose focus.”