Scholastic art fair provides display, critique for students selected

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By: Rosemary Boeglin <>

Teachers have selected art students from all departments to participate in tomorrow’s Regional Scholastic Art Fair, giving them an opportunity for evaluation and acknowledgement, according to art department chair Jennifer Davis.

“It’s a good opportunity for our students to see what other kids around the state are doing,” Davis said. According to Davis, 150 to 200 pieces of student work are submitted each year, with a limit of 25 entries per teacher.

Last year junior Kevin Kirk was selected to participate. “I like it because it’s an opportunity beyond state level into national level,” Kirk said. Kirk, a jewelry student who was awarded a silver key at last years fair, said he has already made the two pieces he plans on submitting. “I’m going to submit a metal replica of a violin and a maple leaf necklace that I made first semester.”

Davis and Kirk said they agree that the Regional Scholastic Art Fair is an advantageous occasion for students’ works to be displayed and judged.