JV swimming hopes to finish season well in JV Classic

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By: Daniyal Habib <[email protected]>

The women’s junior varsity swim team will conclude their season tomorrow with the JV Classic. According to Michelle Hilgenberg, JV swimmer and junior, the JV Classic is a motivational tool.

“It’s my last meet to get the time I’ve been striving for,” Hilgenberg said. “My event is the 100 (meter) free and I’ve been wanting to get under a minute in it. It’s the end of the season for all the JV swimmers, so yes, it’s a big motivator and it’s our time to show how hard work pays off.”

According to Hilgenberg, the women have won the annual event for many years in a row.

“Usually the whole high school team participates, as well as some of the club swimmers, so I’d say about 40 girls and maybe 30 guys (participate),” Hilgenberg said.

All the usual events that take place during meets take place during the JV classic, including the 200-meter medley relay, 500-meter freestyle, and 400-meter free relay.