Ready for Revenge

TOUCHDOWN BOUND: Quarterback and junior Michael Viktrup attempts to score a touchdown during the Homecoming game against Pike on Sept. 12. Carmel won the game 48-21.

Kyle Crawford

TOUCHDOWN BOUND: Quarterback and junior Michael Viktrup attempts to score a touchdown during the Homecoming game against Pike on Sept. 12. Carmel won the game 48-21.

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Last year on nov. 30, Warren Central beat the Greyhounds in a devastating loss at Lucas Oil Stadium for the State championship. Today, the Greyhounds will take on Warren Central for a rematch hoping to get back at the team who stopped them last year.

Both Warren Central and the Greyhounds are undefeated in the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC), which will make it a difficult matchup this year. Warren Central is currently ranked second in the Indiana Class 6A rankings, while the Greyhounds remain first. With both teams equally matched, the game will be about who can make better plays and have perfect execution.

According to quarterback and senior Isaac James, the main challenge when playing Warren Central will be executing plays at a high caliber.

“I don’t think we will have many challenges (playing Warren Central), but just more things that we need to do, and just focusing in and doing little things that accumulate into big things. We need to make sure we are focused and make sure we do whatever we can to prepare for the game, not only thinking it but being hungry and go up there to get revenge on the team that beat us in State,” James said.

The key to winning this game for the Greyhounds will be staying focused while playing against two top ten ranked teams in two weeks. Playing away this game will make it difficult to focus and carry out key plays.

Offensive lineman and senior, Matt Anton said, “They have the home crowd, they have the home-field advantage, but I don’t think that makes a difference. I know they are undefeated right now, and I just think that the better team will win.”

According to Head Coach Kevin Wright, the team will have to stay focused and be ready to take on the best team in the state. Getting ready for a game is a seven- day process which gets the team ready mentally and physically to play today.

“They are big, strong, fast, well-coached and we are playing at their place following a big game. To play two of the top three teams in the state in back to back weeks is challenging for anybody,” Wright said.

This game is a tough game played by equal teams. With a rematch from the State championship game, it is going to be personal. Whichever team makes better plays at the right times and fewer mistakes will be able to take the win. According to Anton, the key to winning this game will be to focus and execute good plays, all the while not making any mistakes like penalties or turnovers.

Following the Warren Central game, the Greyhounds have a tough schedule ahead of them, playing Lawrence Central and heading for the Sectional tournament.

“My opinion is that this team is playing the toughest schedule any Carmel team has ever played. We only have four home games, and our last three opponents have won a combined 16 State championships…it’s a tremendous challenge, and the expectations are very high. I have tremendous faith that our players and coaches will be well prepared for a Sectional that features two other teams ranked in the top 10 in 6A,” Wright said.

Carmel will have to face different teams in MIC leading up to the State championship. According to James, the team has a good chance of making it to State once again this year. He said that although the schedule is tough, the Greyhounds will be able to excel in the playoffs.

“(Regarding the Sectional), we kind of take it one game at a time, and once that time comes up, we will be preparing to win,” James said. The football team will be ready to face off against the first-ranked Warren Central today at 7 p.m.

Anton said, “We gotta stay hungry and have that will to win. Definitely, we need to make up for last year and finish strong.”