Kid’s Corner students await open house, make final preparations

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By: Reid Conner <[email protected]>

With the Kid’s Corner open house right around the corner, the students are making final preparations for the nights activities and the first unit the children will be taught.

“For the open house we’re having a western theme,” senior Emily Burt said. “There’ll be different stations where the kids can get their pictures taken, do crafts, and meet the teachers.”

The open house is this Monday in the Kid’s Corner room. According to Kid’s Corner sponsor Linda Pike the students will be taking the opportunity to meet with the kids and get to know the students that they will be mentoring for the rest of the semester.

They will also start putting to use the skills Pike has taught them about taking care of children.

“Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, our first unit is going to be about friendship. We’re having the kids bring in bags and give each other valentines like they do in elementary school,” Burt said.

The preschooler’s first day here will be this Wednesday.