Student Speak-Ups: What’s your favorite part about Dance Marathon?


Freshman Riya Patel

“In terms of Dance Marathon, I’ve heard that the fundraising is all for Riley Children’s Hospital. I’m excited for it since I am going to be with all of my friends for such a fun event and my goal is to raise $100 for the event in order to get in.”

Sophomore Sean Galligher

“I’m really excited about dancing and meeting all these new people, who are all coming together just to have fun for a good cause. Also, since it’s for the kids of Riley Children’s Hospital, having fun is even better since all of the money raised is going towards such a great cause.”

Junior Lily Klootwyk

“Dance Marathon is probably my favorite day of the year. It’s really exciting because it supports the children of Riley Hospital, and it’s really special to see 1200 Carmel High School students rising up for such a good cause and getting really into it. It’s cool because everyone is making such a big difference in the lives of these kids.”

Senior Junshen (Bobby) Chen

“Dance Marathon is almost an illusion to fund-raise, not (dance). In my 3 years being here at Carmel High School, I hadn’t really found an effective way to fund-raise, but I’ve made more lasting and stronger relationships with my friends and teachers so I’m really excited to have raised enough money. I can finally go to this amazing event that I’ve heard about for so long.”