ComedySportz Crew prepares

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By: Amanda Nguyen <[email protected]>

Members of the ComedySportz team are practicing hard and looking forward to their first home match on Feb. 15. “We do a lot of rehearsals to learn more about improvisation,” sponsor Jim Peterson said.

Although it may sound counterproductive, the ComedySportz Team plays games during practice. The games help the players work on character development, scene work and confidence. Ella Raymont, co-captain of ComedySportz and senior, is confident that the team will do well because it put so much work into all of the practices.

“I expect to have a really good season. We have a colorful blend and a nice balance of different types of comedy, like physical and witty. I can’t wait to start the season,” Raymont said.

The upcoming home match will have two halves. The first half consists of a “Faceoff Game” between the two teams that play against each other. Then there is a “Team Choice Game” where one team gets to choose what game it wants to play. Next, there is a “Team Challenge Game” in which one team challenges the other to a different game. The team with the least amount of points has a chance to catch up with a game called “Five Things.”

The second half of the game includes another “Faceoff” and a “Team Choice Game.” Finally, both teams play the last game to try to earn individual points for the team. The team with the most points wins and takes home the ‘Meaningless Trophy.’

“(The trophy) is meaningless because the point of ComedySportz is to make people laugh, not win,” said Raymont.

The members of ComedySportz hope many students will come out to see their match and how much work they have put into practicing. Raymont said, “The best way to prepare is to practice.”