Summer Activities around CHS Q&A: Choosing an internship or a vacation for this summer



Eileen and CelinaSenior Celina Tragesser is participating in an internship.

1. What is the internship or job you will be doing over the summer?

I will be working on staff for the Indianapolis Action Summer, which is a mission division of the People of Praise, Inc. This group  does mission and laborious work in an impoverished neighborhood in the heart of Indianapolis, improving the neighborhood through construction projects, running a free kids camp for neighborhood kids and assisting neighbors who are in need. I have worked with them the last two years as an intern and this year I am on staff, which is one step up from before, meaning I have more responsibilities. Specifically, I will be leading construction crews of high school students, and we will be completely renovating 100 year old homes for missionaries to move into in the future.

2. What is the length of the program? What kinds of things will you be working on over the course of the summer?

The mission trips run from June 8 until July 18 with only a few days of break in-between. I will be living in Indianapolis with the other staff members and high school students about 10 minutes from the neighborhood, in homes of college students that are in the People of Praise. Like I said above, I will be leading construction crews, as well as being a leader for the high school girls that come on these mission trips (high schools come for two weeks each, and there are three groups coming throughout the summer).


3. What skills do you hope to gain throughout this project?

I hope to gain valuable leadership skills, in addition to skills in construction. I will also be working under a main construction head, so I will get to learn how to receive direction, and then turn around and apply that direction to a small team. I am excited to learn more ways to share my faith and experience with high school students that come on these trips during the summer.


4. Why did you choose to work over the summer rather than vacationing?

I chose to do this because this is my dream life. I love being able to help others, and it gives me a clear purpose for my life. When I used to stay home over break, I felt like I just floundered all vacation with nothing to do. When I started participating in Action, I realized how much I love being able to make new friendships with people all over the United States, and getting to make a permanent mark on our community.


Sophomore Eileen Yan is traveling in the annual Europe trip.

1. What made you decide to go on the Europe trip and why?

I think it’s going to be interesting to be immersed in a completely different culture. I’ve always heard a lot of good and bad stuff about how Europe is unlike the U.S. and now I’ll finally be able to experience it for myself. Plus it’ll be cool to visit all these historical sites that I’ve learned about in AP (European History).

2. What specifically are you looking forward to doing in Europe?

I’m really looking forward to the food in France because I love French food in America but I have no idea if it’s actually authentic. Also visiting the Harry Potter studios will be awesome because I’m a Potterhead.  And again, historical sites like the palace at Versailles and the trenches built during WWI and famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, will be fun to visit. Even though this list isn’t in order, we are going to Paris, Luxembourg, London, Verdun and Brussels. There are around 40 people going on the trip and it is for 10 days from June 3  to 12.

3. Why did you choose to go on a vacation this summer rather than stay home and have an educational internship?

I’ve always wanted to go on a trip abroad with friends, and without parents, and this is the perfect chance to do just that. I’m not doing any sort of internships because I still have no idea what I want to do in the future. Plus, the Europe trip is only about 10 days so I still have the rest of June and all of July to do other activities. Also, adding to question one, I decided to go on the trip because the trip is a once in a lifetime experience because there is never going to be another opportunity to go to all of the places that we’re going to for the price we’re paying. Since it’s a group trip, we get a lot of discounts with the travel agency and we will also be able to skip some of the lines at the more popular attractions.

4. What advice do you have for students who are looking for something to do this summer?

My advice would be to actually do something during the summer. It doesn’t matter if it’s academical or just a fun activity, just don’t sit around and do nothing all day. Try out a new sport, take an art class, find an internship or learn to drive.