Student Speak-Ups: How will you be decorating your dorm?

Student Speak-Ups:  How will you be decorating your dorm?


Senior Bailey Clarkbailey

First I had to decide a color scheme. I was like, do I want to go for one that’s really bright, or do I want to go for one that’s college-themed? I decided with my roommate that we’ll go with one that’s more poppy and colorful, because I think that even though a lot of kids might choose the sporty stuff for the college, it would bring a different feel than what everyone else. Right now we’re still buying our stuff, and I am going with pink, so I’ve been buying pink rugs. Then I’m buying a bed mat matching pink covers. And I’ve got pink curtains that I want to decorate and personalize.

Senior Maddie Engledow

maddieA fridge and a microwave are a must. Besides the typical bed and desk I really want a lot of storage things for shoes and accessories and clothes. I’ll probably loft my bed and store things underneath. I actually visited one of my friends at Miami, and the way she set up her room was awesome. She has colorful pictures and inspiring quotes everywhere, and their desks were set up to look out of the window. And of course I use Pinterest for inspiration, but I’m not planning on spending a lot of money on matching decorations or anything because everything else about college is so expensive, but I might DIY some canvases this summer.

beccaSenior Becca Sellers

I started a Pinterest board, and it started with my birthday when my dad got me this throw blanket that I really liked. It was really soft and has lots of colors that I could choose from to decorate my dorm. So far on my Pinterest board, I pinned a duvet cover from Urban Outfitters that’s kind of purple tie dye, and I pinned tapestry to hang up there to kind of add some color. I’ve heard from different places that I’ve looked that it’s good if you get a rug for your dorm room just to make it more comfortable, so I’ve been looking for that.

Senior Elizabeth “Liz” Noderer

lizMy roommate and I don’t have much planned yet, but we are going to have a futon and TV for sure. †he rest will be picked out when we go window-shopping. The inspiration for the TV and futon was my roommate’s siblings because they suggested it. Other than that, I really just want things that are comfortable and meaningful in my room. I don’t care much for hanging pictures or putting stuff on desks just to fill space. The only thing I have is a black futon, but it is at my church. Other than that, I’ll just be bringing a blanket and a toy truck I’ve had since I was little.