Chinese Exchange Students arrive at CHS



The Chinese exchange students from Carmel’s sister city Xiang Yang, China arrived at CHS on Wednesday afternoon. Participating in this program are two teachers and 12 students.
Of the 12 days in the program, three will be spent at CHS. According to Joseph Schaller, assistant principal and program coordinator, the students will take this opportunity to tour the communication department, attend after school extracurricular activities, watch a show at the Carmel Planetarium and experience the other novelties CHS has to offer. The foreign exchange students will also be able to shadow CHS students. The rest of the program will enable the Chinese students to visit the city of Carmel.


From this program, “I hope the foreign students are able to experience what it’s like to be a student in America,” Schaller said.
While it has not been arranged for CHS students to visit our sister city in China due to complications with chaperone volunteering and scheduling, Schaller encourages both the Chinese students and students at CHS to take this opportunity as a learning opportunity. “It’s important to understand and see the cultural differences and similarities between the two countries,” Schaller said.
“With today’s technology, I hope the students will be able to keep in touch long after the program ends,” Schaller said.