Students of Rock: Q&A With Oxford Comma


Sophomores: Zach Salerno, Brooks Morales and Matthew Carson

How was the band Oxford Comma started?

Morales: Matthew and I met in second grade and then we disconnected for a long time and we came back in contact in seventh grade, because we were at the same birthday party over the summer. We set next to each other in English and had a lot of classes together. We talked about music and stuff, so we always wanted to start a band. We started our first band with Zach who I knew from School of Rock called the 25th hour, but that didn’t really work out. Carson: It did not work out all. Salerno: It was never really a thing. Then none of us had really been in a band for a while and we just decided to play together. It was kind of like we just jammed together in the basement for a while. Then it became oxford comma after about a year.

How does Oxford Comma pick its music?

Salerno: I think that a big factor of how we pick our music is that we kind of go through phases as a band. Sometimes you’ll see us playing a heavier set, or a laid back set it just really depends on what kind of rock we are into at the time.

What was your favorite moment as a band?

Carson: When we had been playing together for about a year we entered a competition and made it called IndyStar search. It was a small talent show with about ten acts that made it in and we ended up winning the thing. The prize was that we got to open up for Wayne Brady at the JW Marriott. Morales: We got to spend a free night at the hotel and it was pretty great.


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