FCCLA organizes awards ceremony for club members today

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Shameem Zia, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Club (FCCLA) secretary and junior, said she is looking forward to the recognition ceremony for FCCLA.

This event will take place today after school in the community room here near the main cafeteria.

“I think this awards ceremony will be a good closure for the club this year and I’m excited to see what awards are given,” Zia said.

FCCLA sponsor Brooke Weekes said the club members will be recognized at the ceremony.

Members will be given awards and certificates based on their achievements in the club this year.

Zia said the club has a point system for the different activities and events and each member will get an award based on that system.

“The point system FCCLA has is a great way to encourage members to be even more involved in the club,” Zia said.

Zia said that certain points get certain awards. She said that she thinks the point system encourages the members to be more involved in the club and its activities.

Weekes said some categories for which members can receive awards include having an officer position in the club, attending meetings and helping out with events.

“I am really excited for the recognition ceremony for FCCLA. I think the members will enjoy being rewarded for their hard work and we’ll be celebrating it all with lots of cake,” Weekes said.