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Film Would You Rather Part 3




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“Go ahead, make my day.”

‘Cause our last installment of our film would you rather series is sure to make your day!


10) Would you rather only be able to watch “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” for the rest of your life?



Ellen: “Star Wars.” Personally, I don’t have much of a connection to either series. I’ve watched more of the “Star Wars” movies. Perhaps the most important reason for my choosing “Star Wars” is Jar Jar Banks. He is hilarious. He is a derp. He is wonderful. While “Star Trek” has Spock, I don’t really like the setting and environment of the movies, and he can’t beat Jar Jar. Also, I had a mini crush on Obi-Wan Kenobi. (Well, more like a mini crush on Ewan McGregor, but close enough).

Christine: I’m going to say “Star Wars,” but really just because I never really got into “Star Trek.” I vaguely remember watching some of the Original Series films, but I was just much more dedicated to “Star Wars.”

Jessica: “Star Wars.” While “Star Trek” is more realistic, relatively speaking, “Star Wars” literally takes you to another galaxy with fantastical ideas and devices. And I can’t say no to epic spaceship dogfights and lightsaber battles.


11) Would you rather go on the quest for the One Ring (“Lord of the Rings”) or the Ark of the Covenant (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)?



E: As a person who, ashamedly, knows barely anything about “The Lord of the Rings,” I think I would still choose to go on the quest for the One Ring. I think the main goal of getting the “One Ring” was to promote the greater good, so that’s pretty admirable. On the other hand, the Ark of the Covenant is more like for my own reputation, pride and “intellectual desires.” I’ll pass.

C: The Ark of the Covenant. Who wouldn’t want to fight off Nazis and travel the jungles of South America alongside Indiana Jones?

J: I’d go for the Ark of Covenant. Like I said before, Indiana Jones is awesome. And going on the quest for the One Ring would take much longer and be much harder. I would run the risk of falling prey to the Ring like Frodo, being the friend of the guy who goes insane from the Ring like Sam, or die like Boromir. Although if Middle-earth were real, I would take the quest for the One Ring because it would have an exponentially larger impact.


12) Would you rather live in the Grand Budapest Hotel or the New England island from “Moonrise Kingdom?”



E: Though both settings are so wonderful, I would choose to live in the Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s charming, hilarious placement on that mountain and the pathetic lifts to the hotel itself are to die-for. The whole dynamic of the place seems fun, whimsical and comedic, especially if someone like Mr. Gustave were there. The meshing of personalities and characters would be perfection, and I think I could easily find my own place in that amalgam. But I can’t deny that the charms of that New England island from “Moonrise Kingdom.” I wouldn’t mind being king (or, more accurately, queen) of that island.

C: Although that little island is lovely and charming and beautiful (This is Wes Anderson. What else would you expect?), I’d pick the zany, ridiculous fun of the Grand Budapest Hotel any day. No day would be dull when you’re packed into a gorgeous hotel with the quirkiest characters and craziest hijinks you’ll ever find. Sure, it can get a bit dark under the surface, but the Grand Budapest Hotel is completely and utterly mad, and I love it.

J: The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s the type of place where any kind of shenanigan is feasible–a hotbed for nonsensicalness. If hotels could think, the Grand Budapest Hotel would be fully aware of its own ridiculousness, and that’s what I love about it.


13) Would you rather live in the bathhouse of “Spirited Away” or in Howl’s moving castle?



E: Howl’s moving castle. There’s not much I can say on this topic since I actually haven’t watched the movie, but I just think a castle, especially a mobile one, is a lot cooler than a bath house. The bath house from “Spirited Away” is charming, filled with various characters and personalities, but I don’t think I could stand to see bathers all the time. Some of those clients really scared me. For my own sake, I’ll choose the castle.

C: Howl’s Moving Castle. “Spirited Away” is one of my favorite Miyazaki films, and that bathhouse is gorgeous, exciting, and whimsical, but Yubaba would scare the poop out of me. And the life of a worker at the bathhouse is pretty rough, and you’d be stuck in the cramped workers quarters. Compared to that, I wouldn’t mind third-wheeling it with Sophie and Howl in a magical, outlandish castle that can literally walk and travel wherever I want. Plus, Calcifer seems like great company.

J: Howl’s moving castle. In comparison to the bathhouse, living in Howl’s castle would be carefree. Living in bathhouse would entail working for Yubaba, who I find terrifying (her head is larger than Chihiro’s torso!). The bathhouse’s visitors are also quite questionable and sometimes dangerous. Take No Face: he goes crazy, roars, eats everything, grows five times his size and wrecks the bathhouse. Room and board at the bathhouse would not compensate with dealing with that type of hysteria.


“How do you like them apples?”

‘Cause we like ’em a heck of a lot.

-Ellen, Christine, Jessica


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