Plans for next year’s German exchange students are underway

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As German Club winds down, this year’s plans are already being made to welcome the German exchange students scheduled to come next fall from the Marie-Curie Gymnasium, a high school outside of Berlin.

Sixteen German students are expected to come for three weeks and stay with families of students taking German.

While the exchange program is sponsored by the world language department rather than the German Club, the club still plans on holding events while the exchange students are here to share American culture with them.

German Club sponsor, Laura King said that they may do activities such as going to a Pacer’s game, playing laser tag, and going bowling.

She said, “We’re really excited about that. We’re hoping to have a lot of kids involved in German Club next year to show the Germans a great time.”

German Club presidents, Lena Gerber and Isa Loyda, hosted German exchange students last year.

Gerber said, “They (the German Club and exchange students) just do a bunch of things as a group and it ends up being really fun.”

Loyda added that having the exchange students stay also helped improve her German language skills. Next year is also the twentieth anniversary of the Wall of Berlin coming down.

According to King there will be more German related events and speakers in Indiana next year because of this. The German Club plans to take advantage of this and attend some events.

By The Numbers

The Berlin Wall fell Nov. 9, 1989

Over 100 families host German exchange students every school year