Teacher of Year nominations due March 3

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By: Michael Wang <[email protected]>

There are many ways at this school to recognize teachers for their efforts in teaching students. One of them is nominating a teacher for the Carmel Clay Schools Teacher of the Year. Nominations are due March 3.

Janice Mitchener, last year’s Carmel Clay Schools Teacher of the Year and math teacher, said, “I think that teacher recognition is kind of like icing on a cake to what I feel is the main reason why I am a teacher. I did not become a teacher for the teacher recognition part of it. The importance (of teacher recognition) is of just saying, ‘Thank you’ or ‘You are doing a great job.’ It kind of motivates you to continue to work hard and continue to improve your teaching style and techniques and things like that.”

As to what it means for her to get recognized, Mitchener said she is just excited to see all her hard work she had put into teaching is being noticed. She said, “Teachers spend hours and hours getting things ready for class, (such as) developing a lesson. Sometimes you can spend 10 hours on something that lasts 10 minutes in class. People don’t realize that, so I guess people have realized that all the work I do is worthwhile or has been worthwhile. It is telling me that I haven’t wasted my time.”

Mitchener said as a result of becoming Carmel Clay Schools Teacher of the Year, she received two $500 awards to be used for professional development.

Math department chairperson Vicki Tribul, who said she nominated Mitchener for the Carmel Clay Schools Teacher of the Year award, mentioned that in order to nominate someone, one starts out with the name and from there it went to a lot of forms.

Tribul said she nominated Mitchener “because of all the extra extravagant things she does with technology and just her teaching style and just her as a teacher really.”

Sophomore Vikas Vavilala, who currently has Mitchener as a teacher, said, “(Mitchener) presents the material really differently from any math teacher I have ever had (because) she combines technology so it proves fun for the students.”

Tribul said, “The more the better at times. There is probably not enough of it (because) there are a lot of people around here who do a lot of special things who never get recognized.”