MOVIE REVIEW: Deadpool creates surprising humor



“Deadpool” is a crude, violent and perverse comic book adaptation that is consistently funny throughout its entire 108 minute runtime. In the film, Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, the wise-cracking hitman turned titular fourth-wall-breaking anti-hero. When diagnosed with cancer, Wilson is roped into an evil plan to turn him into a superpowered slave. After escaping the grasps of Ajax (Ed Skrien), the horribly disfigured Wilson hunts for revenge with his new superpowers for what Ajax did to him.

“Deadpool’s” main strength lies in its ability to maintain humor throughout the entire movie while still having a heartfelt story at its core. Unlike many big blockbuster films, almost every joke lands through clever writing and spot-on comedic timing. The filmmakers could have easily gone too over-the-top with Deadpool, but Reynolds’ performance grounds the character, making him more relatable to the audience. He steals the show with his spontaneous humor and behavior, but that doesn’t discount the strength of his co-stars, like T.J. Miller and Morena Baccarin. Everyone has a moment to shine, which helps maintain the movie’s frantic pace and keep the audience engaged throughout its entirety.

With “Deadpool” being a superhero film, audiences who walk in are expecting to see exciting and engaging action scenes, which the movie knocks out of the park. Watching the various action scenes, the film creates unique set pieces for our anti-hero to play around in. The camerawork is also great, making the action scenes easily comprehensible and extremely interesting to look at. Seeing Deadpool flip a car over in slow-motion whilst fighting multiple henchmen is only one of the many insane action scenarios this movie has to offer.

With Hollywood flooding the market with cookie-cutter superhero movies, “Deadpool” feels like a refreshing take on the genre. There may be many viewers who complain that the villains are too generic and aren’t developed to their fullest potential.  This doesn’t detract from the experience as a whole, since it is an origin story and the focus should be on Wade Wilson. First-time director Tim Miller and his team have outdone themselves and they should be applauded for what they have accomplished.  It is a must-watch for any movie fan, as long as they can tolerate some crude humor, over-the-top violence and gore.