Carmel Aquatic Center makes additional preparations for Sprint Triathalon



The Carmel Aquatic Center is continuing to make preparations for the annual Carmel Sprint Triathlon. The event will take place on April 24 and this is the eleventh year the Carmel Aquatic Center is hosting this triathlon. In fact, this is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event. The adult course includes a 400 meter swim, a 10 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. The registration fee for adults is $70 and for kids it is $50.
Nicole Bills, Carmel Aquatics Director, said, “I am very excited for the triathlon even though there is a lot of work on my part. It will definitely be worth it.”
Naheel Khatri, potential competitor and senior, said he was considering registering for the event. He said ever since he was little, he has loved running and swimming.
Khatri said, “I’ve seen many of my friends also participate in the triathlon and this year I might join them.”