Annual “Minumental” Art Exhibit provides creative opportunity

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By: Rosemary Boeglin <>

The art department hosts the third annual “Minumental” Art Exhibit from March 17 to the 28. Students and faculty who are interested in participating in this event must turn in their work by March 11 to the art office.

“It all began in grad school,” said Jennifer Bubp, coordinator of the event. “At the Art School of Cincinnati they have a ‘Minumental’ competition every year. When I saw what people were creating with one inch it was very inspiring, so I thought I’d challenge the students at CHS,” Bubp said.

Senior Stefan Burrows participated in the exhibit last year and said he plans on doing so again this year. “(Last year) I drew an eye then cut it out and molded it to make it 3D.”

Burrows said participating in the event broadened his view of artwork, “It made me think outside of the box. I made a small, detailed piece to show a bigger picture.”

The requirements for the “Minumental” Art Exhibit include: art work no larger than 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch, art work matted or mounted on white or black board with a maximum of 2 inch border, art work includes artists name and teacher on the back of the work with the artists name labeled on the front, and a total of only two entries per artist.

Burrows said that he is already beginning to brainstorm artwork ideas for this year’s exhibit, “I might do the same thing but with color.”