Fall Cheerleading to compete at the Kentucky State Fair Cheerleading Competition on Aug. 27



All week, the fall cheerleading team has been preparing for it’s competition on Aug. 27. The students will be competing on the mat at 9:45 a.m, and awards are scheduled to start at 11 a.m.

Before the team competes, it will do it’s specific warm up. Cheerleader and sophomore Taylor Gallagher said, “We do our stunting warm up, then we warm up with stunts, including pyramids, stunt sequences, and anything in between. We also do our motions, we do tumbles, and tumbling routines.”

In preparation for the competition, Gallagher said “We have been doing our assessments, we’ve been doing stunting routines, tumbling routines, lots of tumble prep, and step prep.”

Lisa Knipp, fall cheerleading coach, said “Our focus (for the past few weeks) has been basically on game cheering, so just this week did we start even thinking about the competition.”

One strong quality of the team is it’s youth. “This years group is really young, but I think they are very cohesive. We only have one senior, we have a couple of juniors, lots of sophomores, and lots of freshmen. The youngness, the youth shall I say, is very exciting, and very encouraging, they have wonderful, positive attitudes, they seem to get along well, they gel well together, and the good news about their experience, is that they have not been taught bad habits,” Knipp said.