Orchestra members to prepare for the first concert


Amy Zhou

Sophia Tragesser, Symphony orchestra member and junior, warms up with the rest of the class during an exercise. Tragesser said she enjoys playing the violin and interacting with other sections.

According to Maggie Hite, one of the three orchestra directors, the first orchestra concert will be on Oct. 10. Students have received repertoire for the upcoming concert and are currently in the process of reviewing technique and instrument skills. In addition, Hite said the orchestras are also preparing for events later in the month as well as November.

“Camerata orchestra is going to play at the Palladium with all of the middle schools in the district.””

— Orchestra Director Maggie Hite

The Festival and Camerata orchestra will also be traveling to Ball State University in November to play for a panel of judges as well as attend a clinic with a professional musician.

Sophia Tragesser, Symphony orchestra member and junior, said she looks forward to working with other students and the upcoming concert.

“The first concert of the year is always fun, so I’m excited,” Tragesser said. By Amy Zhou.