Ask the HiLite: How to get the most out of Homecoming

Homecoming week is in two weeks. According to Darren Chang, Senate member and senior, students should participate in the festivities. Homecoming week, which will take place from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1, concluding with the dance, is a big part of CHS and includes several festivities students and teachers alike are able to share.

“At a school as large as ours, it’s become a huge event. We go to a school we all should be very proud of and we can express this through participating in Homecoming and cheering on our school,” he said.

Assistant Principal Amy Skeens-Benton said she loves Homecoming and how it’s a beloved tradition that continues to be upheld, especially since CHS continues to do many of the same things every year.

“There’s certain things that only Carmel graduates can share with each other,” she said.

For the Homecoming dance, Skeens-Benton collects dresses for any CHS student who would like one, so that anyone is able to attend and enjoy the dance without the stress of trying to find a dress.

“The whole purpose is that everybody gets to go no matter what the reason,” she said. “It’s been so fun and it brings me so much fulfillment and joy.”

Students can get dresses from the Student Services office.

Another big part of Homecoming week is the trike races, which are an annual competition as students race on tricycles. Chang said this competition is his favorite part of the week.

“I think it’s really cool how the whole student body is able to get behind something as simple as trikes in a competitive setting and cheer on their teammates and friends as they go for gold,” Chang said. The qualifying round for the races will take place on Sept. 28, and the race itself will take place during the schoolwide pep rally on  Sept. 30. Students will be able to sign up in the Activities Office.

The week is jam-packed with different events and activities and is an exciting time for everyone.

Skeens-Benton said, “There’s not very many times in your life where you’re going to have a place where all of you can go and just dance and be silly and have fun together, where it’s safe, and you have nothing to worry about… You’re in a very lucky place, and you won’t get to experience this again. So enjoy it.”