Varsity cheerleading has a competition at Purdue University Oct. 2.


The cheerleading team warms up at practice by going through tumbling lines. They won their last competition at the Kentucky State Fair, and continue to prepare for their next.

After winning its previous competition, the varsity cheerleading team has been working towards its next competition on Oct. 2.

Varsity cheer coach Lisa Knipp said that the team has been adding difficulty to its routine. “We’ll add difficulty to transitions to our partner stunts, we’ll add difficulty in transitions in new structures, pyramids, sequences and we’ll also be adding more difficulty to our tumbling passes both standing and running tumbling,” Knipp said.

Rebecca “Becca” Counen, cheerleader and freshman, said that they have been adjusting their routine to make it stronger. “We’ve been changing (our routine), perfecting our tumbling, timing, working on our stunt sequences and pyramids,” Counen said.

Counen said, “I’m looking forward to the bigger competition and getting on the floor with my friends.”