Amnesty International call-out meeting Sept. 30


The human rights club Amnesty International has planned its call-out meeting in Room C128 during the second six weeks, with Sept. 30 as its preliminary date.

“I think it’s a good idea to get everyone situated,” Jennifer Davis, sponsor and art department chairperson, said regarding the date of the first meeting. This is the first time Davis will sponsor the club.

“I see myself as just a facilitator and just to guide them in their pursuits. I’ll do my best to help them in that endeavor,” Davis said.

President Rosemary Boeglin will continue her role from last year, while senior Tim Chai will be vice president and senior Hannah Lencheck will be secretary.

“Amnesty International acts on and educates people about human rights issues worldwide,” Boeglin said.

She also said anyone is invited to join who expresses an interest in these types of issues.