Competition cheerleading to compete in State prelims on Nov. 5.


Varsity Cheerleading stretches before practice. Before the team starts practice, the cheerleaders change, roll out the mats, and then take time to stretch during their warm up.

As the end of its season approaches, the competition cheerleading team prepares to compete in the State prelims on Nov. 5.

Emily Sheeks, varsity cheerleader and sophomore, said the team is adding difficulty to its routine because other schools have advanced routines.

“(We have been) adding difficulty into our stunt sequence and pyramid. A lot of the other teams like Noblesville, Fishers and Lake Central have very difficult stunt sequences that they can hit, so that just means we need to work really hard to hit just as hard stunts but cleaner,”  Sheeks said.

Head Coach Lisa Knipp has goals set for the State prelims competition. “So our goal is to hit a clean routine, and that would mean to hit all partner stunts, hit all pyramids, to hit all standing tumbling and to hit all running tumbling,” Knipp said.

Knipp also said that she doesn’t look at other teams as competition. “We don’t look at other teams as competition, we look at competition within our own team,” Knipp said.