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Ashton Gleckman Q&A: Political Rallies

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Armaan Goel, Reporter

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Sophomore Ashton Gleckman worked a lot during this political cycle for a presidential campaign. Here’s a Q&A with him about his experiences with politics this year.

What are the different things that you have done, politically-wise?

AG: I worked on the Trump campaign for around a month and a half, back in May during the primaries. I was also at the party where all the Indiana campaign, sort of, the heads of the campaign were there, and the campaign manager I got to know, I got to know a lot of the different people who were working on the Indiana campaign in general. I was interviewed on Channel 13, Channel 8, Channel 6. I was at four different Trump rallies, I met Donald at a rally, who was really kind and respectful, and he was very curious about how the campaign was going in Indiana. He was asking lots of questions, definitely taking the time to talk to me even though there were thousands of people that were around me. There was around 10000 to 15000 people, at that specific event, but throughout the campaign, there began to be more people at the rallies. There were some very large events, lots of energy

So you were working on the actual campaign?

AG: I was working on the campaign, every single week we would do canvassing, we would do lots of questionnaires, we’d do lots of phone calls, we would work with the people, get to know what they were interested in and what their main priorities were in electing a president, and what specific policies they cared about.

Are there other students that are also getting involved with campaigns?

AG: I don’t know, I think it is generalized that a lot of high school students aren’t necessarily that interested in politics, simply because at this point they don’t really understand the significance of it. Politics, the reason why I like to study it, and the reason why I love to participate in it is because politics is quite literally the way in which our lives are run. Everything from healthcare to immigration to fighting the war on terror, to the economy – all of these things are so important to the way we live out our lives, and I think that is really important to stand up for what you believe in a politician and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Is there a certain thing that inspired you to get involved with politics?

AG: Yeah, I guess if it’s just like the policies that you are going after, I think that for me definitely the issue of illegal immigration is very big issue, simply because of the fact that we are paying $113 billion a year for illegal immigration. It is a large, it is pretty devastating in terms of jobs especially for the people who are here legally, who are very disappointed that people are coming here illegally, because it is not fair to them, people who are trying to come here legally, it’s not fair to them, because people are just coming over here, without proper legality, and everything. That’s a very big issue, and of course the issue of Iran and the issue of Russia, and Syria in specific, especially what’s going on in Aleppo, the fact that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are funding Iran, which of course in a coalition with Russia, and they are actually creating a lot of the issues in Syria. Hillary Clinton wants to make it out like she’s going to be the one who is going to be good for the United States because she’s going to help out Syria, but actually, her and Obama are quite literally funding the issue that’s going on in Syria. All of these different issues are so incredibly important and that is the reason why I was so inspired to get involved with it.

Were your parents supportive?

AG: Definitely.

You traveled all over Indiana?

AG: Yep, we travelled all over Indiana and there are definitely different parts of Indiana who are more left more right, you can make generalizations about specific areas in Indiana, and I think it was definitely very interesting getting to know what the people really cared about in the Election, and a lot of people really cared about jobs, bringing manufacturing back to the United States, reforming our trade deals so that we aren’t being ripped off anymore. I think that people really cared about these things, and cared about solving the issue of illegal immigration. A lot of people do realize, and it’s just seen by polling, that a lot of people are disappointed by how the country has turned out under president Obama. A lot of people thought that he would end the divisiveness that we so wish to get rid of, but he’s only made it worse, as you can see from turning on the news, so that’s definitely one of the things why I got involved. Especially if you look at Hillary Clinton’s track record the fact that after she received a subpoena from the government of the United States, she completely white washed 30000 emails, acid washed, and now they’re gone. Of course, Wikileaks have released many thousands of them, that have revealed the fact that she’s been taking large funds of money from foreign governments, and she’s been heavily inspired by foreign governments, including countries like Saudi Arabia, who of course demote women in society, and are very cruel to a large portion of society, including homosexuals of course, but I think if Hillary Clinton is going to be talking about treating women with respect, and the fact that Donald has, and you really need to look at how she’s been taking money from foreign governments, so she should give that money back. I think that she should acknowledge the issues that her husband has had, and his presidency of course, which he got impeached for. That’s just some of the stuff.

Is there anything that you learned from your time campaigning that you can take further?

AG: Yeah, I think that part of it was that I studied tons of policy, so I looked at not only Trumps policies, but I already looked at Hillary Clinton’s policies, especially about healthcare and about economy and about how the tax system works for people throughout the United States and that fact that at this point the tax system is very interesting, because the people who are right in the middle and they aren’t too rich and they aren’t too poor usually get taxed the most, because if you are really rich you have enough money to have a lot of investments, and you can do what Trump did which of course is escaping paying taxes. I think one of the issues that we’ve had in society recently, is the fact that the left quite literally believes that they have access to people money, so they literally think that these rich people their job is to supply them with money, and that’s how the left has worked out, and that’s why people say “the left is very socialist in the way they are acting about their politics”, that is simply because of their views on tax, in specific. When it comes to actually studying the policies that I was sort of promoting and talking about, I think that that helped me learn a lot about the whole process and about politics in general.

Do you have any advice for other students who want to get involved with politics?

AG: I think that the most important thing is that you not let the news media inspire you to make certain decisions, simply because the news media has been incredibly biased, whether its left or right, it’s been incredibly biased and has not really taking the logically evidence and reasoning into account and really just gone on tangents. I think that one of the really simple ways to look at that is the fact that they spent 23 minutes talking about the Hollywood access video and they spent 58 seconds talking about Hillary Clinton’s Wikileaks where she was taking $250000 dollars from foreign governments, and she was dreaming about open borders which would allow 600 million people into the country so I think it’s really about looking at the facts, taking a look at each politician, making up your mind about it, and I think that that alone will help you get inspired, and will really help you figure about what you really care for and what you really think the future of the country should be.

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