Cabinet plans Smoothie Smashdown as well as Dance Marathon registration


Cabinet officers and House members demonstrate last year’s Dance Marathon dance during SRT. Cabinet member and senior Brendan Shemer is really looking forward to Dance Marathon as he said it is his favorite event of the year.

Shiva Vallabhaneni, Managing Editor

Cabinet has began to plan Smoothie Smashdown this month. According to sponsor Sarah Wolff, there are some fun surprises being planned for the event. Each year, the committee comes up with a few games during Smoothie Smashdown.
“The committee puts together games every year, they change, and so, last year they did where you wrap a person and got judged, and so you gave every person a kit with wrapping paper and bows and tape, and you had a certain amount of time on the clock, you had to decorate a person. Then the person is judged and they won,” Wolff said. “The year before, they did a wrapping relay that was super fun, and you had to put on all these clothes and then up-wrap a gift with mittens on, and it was shellacked with tape, so it was impossible for people to unwrap, it was really funny.”
Both Wolff and Brendan Shemer, Cabinet executive council member and senior both stated how Cabinet they are excited for these new games they are coming up with this year. According to Shemer, participants will have to wait and see what games Cabinet will come up with.
“I don’t know what they are going to come up this year, they were talking about a lot of fun contests and were looking up ideas. We’ll see what they come up with as the games are always a good surprise. We have some contests coming back like the gingerbread contest that everyone likes. I don’t know what the other fun games they’ll do outside of just the smoothies. The smoothies will be the focus of it,” Wolff said.
Meanwhile, Shemer said there is a lot of Dance Marathon planning to be done. As there are now less than 100 days to register for Dance Marathon, Shemer was happy with the turnout of registration with the Hundred Day Challenge, a challenge to register for Dance Marathon, 100 days before the deadline.
“We’re looking forward to registration now that the 100 day challenge has ended. This is where 100 days before Dance Marathon we want to try to have, it’s like the first people that sign up for Dance Marathon to raise the total required to attend the event, 100 days before the event. Now we are trying to fundraise and recruit more people to register.”
Overall, Cabinet members will be occupied with Smoothie Smashdown planning and Dance Marathon planning. Wolff said she looks forward to get the ball rolling with Dance Marathon this year.
“Our registration is not done, but now we’re going to continue to get people registered who weren’t part of the challenge before the hundred days. Now we have just under a hundred days to get people signed up, I’ll show them how easy it is to fundraise online, a few simple emails and people donating to your page,” Wolff said. “Our Hundred Day Challenge increased hugely this year, and we had a lot of student participation. Hopefully we can continue that and get more dancers and recruitment. We’re not done yet!”