TechHOUNDS prepares for upcoming season

Emily Worrell

According to Allison Cunningham, construction lead and senior, TechHOUNDS is currently preparing for their season, which will start second semester.
“We’re like any other sport; we have a pre-season and a season, so the pre-season is the entire first semester, and that’s training for the season,” Cunningham said. “When the season starts, we have six weeks to build a robot so we meet every single day. We also have optional Saturdays and SRTs; any time we can take, we’ll use it.”
John Coghlan, TechHOUNDS mentor and engineering and technology department chair, said the team designs a robot capable of playing a specific field game, which is announced at the beginning of the season, in a six-week time limit.
Cunningham said that although this process is rigorous, she believes it is worth it in the end.
“We work our butts off to make sure we get this awesome robot,” Cunningham said, “and it’s really gratifying when you go to competitions and win all these banners, because you know, this is what I’ve worked on, I spent six weeks of my life totally encased in robotics and it’s paying off now. And that’s just super cool.”