Winter Intramurals to Increase Teams this Season


Intramural sponsor Mike Meyer prepares for the winter intramural season as he checks the schedule of games set to start in January. Meyer has sponsored intramurals for the past five years.

The winter intramural program at CHS is underway as intramural basketball season begans. Unlike previous years, the intramural program will focus primarily on its winter basketball program and did not have a fall program this year. This season will have games beginning in January and continuing until the tournament ends in May.

According to Stone Chen, member of the intramural board and senior, this year 40 teams will participate in winter intramurals. In years past, the program has had a limit of 32 teams, but the intramural board chose to increase the number of teams that could participate due to the high level of interest this year. However, as a result of increased participation and the limited gym time allotted to the intramural program, each team will have fewer games this season.

While some students have had complaints about the reduced number of games, intramurals sponsor Mike Meyer said, “While they do have a legitimate complaint, the other coaches and I made the decision along with the council that even though we don’t have as many games, we would refund any money, and we would do anything that we can as far as trying to make sure (teams who are unhappy) receive as many benefits if they decide to play as possible. But the reality is, our goal is to drive as many kids to be active and involved in Carmel High School as possible.”