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French Club will compete at Le Congrès on Feb. 11

Daniel Lee, Reporter

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On Feb. 11 at Cathedral High School, 12 students will represent CHS’ French Club as it continues to prepare for its debut at Le Congrès

Sponsor Lisa Carroll said, “There will be a vocabulary bee, it’s like a spelling bee, and there are different levels from one to four, and you compete against other people in your level.”

She said that the level depends on the level of class a competitor is in. So, a French II student will face other students in that class.

Other events include trivia, music, dance and speech. Carroll said, “Discours Impromptu is a non-stop conversation and they time you for a certain amount of time.”

President and senior Cindy Lee said, “We need to know French culture because the music for dance competition has to be French music, or if it’s an instrumental competition, then the music has to be from a Francophonic composer. There’s also trivia on culture and history, a traditional dance and we’re planning to do a dance from Britannia,” Lee said.



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