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Club Spotlights 3/17

Michelle Yin, Spotlights

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SPONSOR: Paul Clayton

CURRENT EVENTS: Students may be participating in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Fed Challenge on March 31 and April 24, in which a group organizes a 15-minute presentation on the state of the economy and recommends policies. Carmel may not participate this year due to the time constraints of members.

THOUGHTS: “I think we have some really strong students. If they have adequate time to prepare for it, they can be successful,” Clayton said.


PRESIDENT:  Senior Sam Philleo

WHERE AND WHEN: Every Monday 3:15 to 4:20 p.m. in F106

Dalton Thompson, Chess Club vice president and junior, contemplates his next move. “Sam and I have some pretty good experience from tournaments in the last few years,” Thompson said. “We have a lot of good chess players.”

CURRENT EVENTS: Chess Club members are practicing for a state finals tournament on March 25 in Hammond, IN. Carmel will send multiple teams, each consisting of four people in which the best player competes against the best player on another team, the second best against second best, and so forth. Chess Club has placed first in the competition for the last three years.:

THOUGHTS: “We’re pretty inexperienced. But that’s good because a lot of people, they play a lot more by the rules, and I think we’re more creative with our styles. We have unorthodox ideas because we don’t usually follow the status quo,” Philleo said.


PRESIDENT: Sophomore Muskaan Ramchandani

Muskaan Ramchandani, Good Samaritan Club president and sophomore, discusses logistics for the group to accomplish before next meeting. Ramchandani said, “It’s global, and we’re working to end a problem that’s been out there for years.”

WHERE AND WHEN: Blue Wednesdays 7:15 to 7:40 a.m. in B201

WHAT IT IS: A newly founded club, Good Samaritan Club’s goal is to raise money and awareness for an non-governmental organization called Open Door Foundation that helps orphanages in Bangalore, India receive education and other necessities. They are currently planning a bake sale for fundraising.

THOUGHTS: I realized there are a lot of clubs that involve giving and service to people within our community and beyond, but I feel like this is a unique cause.” Ramchandani said.



President: Thomas Abbenhaus, junior

Where and When: Second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 3:20 p.m. in F103

Current Events: Investment Club does not have any particular events it is looking forward to, but during club meetings, it will play the stock market simulation game.

Thoughts: “Hopefully [Investment Club] is teaching them how to invest their money to build wealth over their lifetime,” Paul Clayton, business teacher, said.


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