Final Exams – Second Semester


Carmel High School will be using the Collegiate Finals Schedule for spring final exams. Students have the option to be on campus in a supervised area, or they can prepare for exams off campus and contact teachers electronically during teacher office hours.  No action is required on days your parent(s) have elected for you to prepare off campus.  If your parent(s) want you to work on campus for the entire day (7:50 a.m. through final exams) to prepare for exams in designated study areas on May 22, 23 and 24, they will complete a Google Form through a School Messenger email being sent to parents on May 1.  This will assist the school in preparing for lunch service and appropriate study space supervision.

  • Buses will provide transportation to and from school on the normal schedule for students who want to meet with teachers and/or work in a supervised location on campus. Students who wish to work off campus will be responsible for their own lunch and transportation to school at the scheduled finals time.
  • To protect the testing environment, students will not be allowed to leave during scheduled exam times once the final exam period has started.
  • Teachers will be available by phone, email, and in person to answer questions during collegiate office hours from 7:50-11:00 each day.  Please make an appointment by obtaining an Office Hours pass from each teacher you wish to meet.

Final Exam Week Q & As:

What are ‘Study Sessions’?

Study Sessions occur from 7:50-11:00 a.m. each morning of final exam half days.  Students are assigned by grade level to a specific classroom/study area monitored by support staff and administration.  Freshmen are assigned to the freshmen cafeteria, sophomores to the main cafeteria and juniors/seniors to the media center.


Can I arrive to school later than 7:50 (say, around 9:30) and still attend a study session?

Yes.  But your parents would not sign you up for the study sessions using the Google Doc sent in the school messenger email.  You will be signed into attendance once you arrive at the high school. Only requests for you be here for the ENTIRE 7:50-11:00 a.m. study session should be done using the Google Doc.


What will I do during the study sessions?

Students must use the study sessions to prepare for their upcoming final exams.   No games (card, board or video) will be allowed.  Students will work quietly in assigned seating.  Students are allowed to bring individual sized snacks/drinks and are allowed to use headphones for listening to music.


What are office hours?

Office hours occur from 7:50-11:00 a.m. each morning of final exam half days.  Teachers will be available to assist students by phone, email or in person.  If students wish to visit a teacher in person, they must have an Office Hours pass written by a teacher and must present that pass when they sign in at either Door 13 (freshman center) or 21 (natatorium).  After the office hours visit is over, students may then either leave campus or report to one of the designated locations depending on their grade level.  Students must present the office hours pass at the sign-in table and keep it visible in the hallways, as hallway supervisors will be monitoring student activity.  Students must have an office hours pass to visit a teacher.


What if I have an office hours pass for 8:45?  Do I have to stay at school the entire morning?

No.  If you have your own transportation, you may sign in for the office hours visit, then depart CHS until their final exam begins.  If you prefer to stay on campus, you may do so by reporting to one of the designated study session locations.


What if I am assigned to a study session and have an office hours pass? 

Students can show the study session supervisors their office hours pass to be released to the teacher’s classroom.   You would then report back to your previous study session location until campus opens at 11:00 a.m.


Can I eat lunch at school?

Yes.  Any student can eat lunch during final exam half days.  Lunch will be served from 11:00-11:30 a.m.


What time should I arrive if I am only coming for my final exams?

Final exams begin on each of the half days at 11:40 a.m. and students may be dropped off/enter the building at Door 9 (main café), 13 or 21.  Please note that traffic volume may be high so please allow enough travel time.  Campus will be open to all students starting at 11:00 a.m.


What if I don’t have a final exam during a final exam period?

If you do not have a final exam in one of your classes, then you do not need to attend during that final exam period.  Parents do not need to call into the attendance line.  You do not need to sign out.  On half days, to help minimize distractions, students who only come in for the last period final exam will be asked to wait in a waiting area at either Door 4 (Attendance Window), 13 or 21 until the final exam period begins.


If I am not taking a final exam, am I required to attend the review session before the final exam?

Yes.  Our school has been allowed a special schedule consideration during final exams due to our high performing school status.   Days leading up to the final exam periods are not eligible under this special provision, therefore, students are expected to be in attendance.


Can I leave the final exam period once I have completed my test?

No.  Students will not be allowed to leave school during a final exam period, unless it is an emergency and permission is given by Student Services.


Can I take final exams early due to necessary family travel or appointment?

No.  Any student who has a family related conflict during final exams will make up their final exams once they return from their travel or appointment.  No final exams are given early.


What if I am sick during final exams?

In order for a student to be excused from their final exam due to illness, they must provide medical documentation to the Attendance Office (freshman center or 10-12 office).  If a student doesn’t have a doctor’s note excusing them from school, they are expected to come in to be seen by our Health Center nurses.  If the Health Center staff finds the student to be too ill to attend, the absence will be considered medically excused and marked as such in attendance.  If the Health Center staff finds the student well enough to attend, the student will be expected to stay and take the final exam. If medical documentation is provided and the student is feeling better before the end of the week, they are allowed to make up the exam with their teacher(s) during the week of finals if the teacher(s) and the student can work it out.  If unable to test during the week of finals, the student will take their exam(s) when they are well enough to return.  This may require entering in an Incomplete for the student’s grade until the exam is taken.  Students who are not medically excused and/or have not been preapproved through the Attendance Office to take finals at a later date, will receive a zero for their final exam.