Sibling sets in the Senior Class write letters to each other: Ally and Emily Fleckenstein

Dear sister,

Being “roommates” for our whole lives has had its ups and downs. I truly prefer when we were babies in separate cribs for sure, because you couldn’t really bother me from across the room at night.

I appreciate when you clean my room, and there is a lot that I will miss, but you won’t be far. Luckily for you, you’ll always have me by your side, helping you along the way.

I know it’s not fair that I got all of the responsibility when we were born, so I will keep trying to watch out for you and make sure you’re getting stuff done on time.

Thank you for always listening to me rant and dealing with me in the mornings before I have coffee and when our family is stressful. I know we will both thrive in college and have the best four years of our lives, still as a team. I would like to note that it has been weird being a twin, and most people truly will never understand it, because I even don’t, but it’s brought a lot of positive experiences for me.

It has been interesting in many ways, and I like that we can be unique, but at the same time look identical. I like being interesting and all the questions we get; it’s a part of our lives and still will be in college. I was scared of losing that if we went to different colleges. Because, without you nearby, people wouldn’t really know that I am an identical twin. So, I think I’ll keep you close!

Also, both of our new roommates are named Olivia, but I found mine first! So, stop copying me—like really, you already copied my face.

Keep being awesome, smiling more and just being you! I love you, sister dear, and I am so excited for college and hope that we can keep having fun adventures and confusing people wherever we go.

Ally <3
P.S. Smile more 🙂


Dear Ally,

Growing up with an identical twin has always been a unique experience. Like most siblings, we’ve had our ups and our downs, but we are closer because of it all. Actually, we’re probably closer than most other siblings.

Growing up, I remember the countless times we’ve spoken the same words at the same time or finished each other’s stories and sentences.

Even though I’m three minutes older, you always acted like the “older sister.” In my eyes, you might as well be, with how much I look up to you.

You’ve helped me countless times without expecting anything in return. I’m thankful that I have an identical twin—the best one there is.