Carmel plans Redistricting

James Yin, Reporter, Graphics

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The future of Carmel could see itself as a fairly active city, with businesses, offices, and housing all within a certain area. This is the goal of the proposed Unified Development Ordinance, which plans to rezone and repurpose the surrounding areas of US 31. Adrienne Keeling, planning administrator for the City of Carmel, said that the rezoning ordinance was to create a more integrated central area.

“We are proposing three new zoning districts: Urban Residential, Urban Core and Office Core.  The intent of these districts is to encourage more walkable and mixed-use developments similar to what has been built along Main Street, Old Meridian Street, in City Center, and the developments under construction in Midtown,” Keeling said  “Traditional zoning tends to keep residential, commercial and office uses separated; however, when properly designed, mixing uses can create some of the most vibrant and desired neighborhoods and districts in a city.”

Keeling said that each of the new zoning districts were focused on a single part citizens lives. Urban Residential focuses on creating residential dwellings, Urban Core concentrates on business and entertainment and the Office Core is meant for employment and office uses. Keeling also said that despite the large changes to central Carmel, most residents will not experience negative impacts.

Most students and citizens won’t notice any change unless they are looking at the streamlined format of the Ordinance.  Those working in offices along US 31 may eventually find more opportunities for lunch or errands, or to incorporate a walk into their work day,” Keeling said. 



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