A Sporting Difference: Students, teachers discuss inequality seen in sports at this school

Darrell Cheng, Writing Coach

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CHS offers its students a wide variety of sports in which its students may partake in. Despite the vast quantity of available sports, however, quality remains as a discrepancy. Currently, some CHS sports such as hockey and lacrosse are unequally recognized by the school. CHS lacrosse player and junior Andy He is a victim of this CHS sports inequality and said that this problem must be addressed.

“All I’m asking is for the school to actually treat us like a normal CHS sport,” He said. “We have to address this issue now because this just isn’t right for us athletes.”

According to He,  CHS lacrosse players currently face great inequality, mostly from the fact that their sport does not provide them with distinguished graduate points, neither does it provide them with any sports credit.

“For lacrosse at least, we don’t receive any distinguished grad points or anything else sports related,” He said. “It’s so unfair just knowing that other athletes of different sports are getting this stuff and you aren’t.”

In sympathy for He, CHS tennis player and junior Jason Shaw said he agreed that CHS sports inequality holds true and must be addressed.

“I’ve definitely noticed some discrimination among CHS sports,” Shaw said. “It’s not fair for certain athletes and I think that the school should really address this issue.”

Shaw also says that athletes of all sports at CHS should receive equal credit.

“I honestly do feel bad because I’m a tennis player and fortunately, it’s a recognized sport,” Shaw said. “All sports at CHS should be equal and every athlete should receive the same credit regardless of the sport.”

CHS sports coach Gordon Copee says he agrees with both He and Shaw on the fact that some sports at CHS are unequally recognized.

Copee said, “I do think that it’s a shame that some sports at Carmel aren’t given the same accommodations and credit as other sports at Carmel.”

Additionally, he said he believes that the fact that CHS even offers certain sports that other schools no not offer make these underrepresented athletes fortunate nonetheless.

“At the same time, there are a lot of other schools that don’t even give the opportunity for their students to play those sports, so I think it’s nice that CHS students have the opportunity to play these sports to begin with,” Copee said.

As CHS lacrosse season recently began, He said he will not stop addressing CHS’ sports inequality and hopes that one day such sports will receive the credit they deserve.

“It just sickens me that some of us athletes are basically treated like second class,” He said. “Hopefully one day lacrosse and other underrepresented sports at Carmel will receive the credit and recognition that they deserve.”

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A Sporting Difference: Students, teachers discuss inequality seen in sports at this school