Project Sunshine’s callout meeting will consist of introductions


Hannah Bromm and Nyssa Qiao, Project Sunshine co-presidents and seniors inform members on what the club will consist of.​

​​Julianna Kessilyas, Social Media Editor

Project Sunshine is scheduled to have its first meeting of the year on Sept. 21 after school in the first floor freshman LGI room. During the meeting, club officers will introduce themselves, what the club entails, and what the club does to offer pediatric patients relief from the stress of the hospital experience.

“I most look forward to maybe having the chance to visit the kids and families. Since the officers of the club and I should be 18 or turning 18 this year we might be able to visit the kids at the hospital to deliver our craft kits personally,” Lupe Cruz, Project Sunshine member and senior, said.

With that in mind, sponsor Allyson Wells-Podell said she is excited for what the members get to participate in this year.