CHS theater prepares for Studio One Acts


Charlotte Seidensticker, student director for Studio One Acts and senior, works at her desk. Seidensticker said each of the acts are a lot of work because the student directors must plan out the casting and rehearsing process as well as direct the actual production.

Alanna Wu

The CHS Theater has begun casting for the student-directed Studio One Acts. There will be four acts this year: “Pizza: A Love Story,” “Last Minute Adjustments,” “The Role of Della” and “From the Mouths of Babes.” The exact dates of the productions have not yet been determined, but will likely take place in late September. They will be directed by Emily Worrell, Eric Bembenek, Charlotte Seidensticker and Lauren Alexander.

Theatre Arts teacher Jim Peterson said he is looking forward to see what the students this year have to offer.

“I’m always looking forward to auditions, looking forward to what the kids can bring. The casting process is usually a lot of fun,” Peterson said.

Charlotte Seidensticker, student director for Studio One Acts and senior, said she believes all of the acts will be successful this year.

“I think everyone and all of the casts are super talented, I think that we have a lot of strong actors. And we’ve grown a lot through the theater classes we have taken, so we have a lot to put into our shows, and I think that they’re going to be really great this year,” Seidensticker said.