Environmental Action Club prepares for a second guest speaker


Club member Kian Robinson writes the agenda for the upcoming meeting on Nov. 19.

Laasya Mamidipalli

Following through with the Environmental Action Club’s initial plan to bring in speakers more often this year, at the past meeting a guest speaker came in, and similarly at the upcoming meeting, another speaker will attend.

Ben Ring, club officer and sophomore, said, “The next meeting is Nov. 16, and we are planning on having another guest speaker who will be talking about factory farming.”

Kian Robinson, club member and sophomore, said the reason for the next speaker was to “make people aware of what factory farming is, the situation in america, or even in Indiana right now to make sure everybody has all the necessary information to spread around the school to make people aware.”

“It’s important for students to come because then they know more about the world we live in and how we can make it a better place. And if they are interested they can come and hear more” Ring said.

“We only have a limited amount of time to get this done. The environment is deteriorating and we need to do something about it. And getting people aware is the first thing we need to do to slow it down” Robinson said.

Club sponsor Kara House said, “The guest speakers have been a great idea. It gets the students interested and shows them how caring for the environment can stay with them even after high school.”