Senior Michael Bonney dies Oct. 26, counseling services available

Manahil Nadeem

Senior Michael Bonney died on Oct. 26.

Principal Tom Harmas said, “My greatest hope is that everyone will keep the family and their thoughts and prayers in mind and that we, as a Greyhound community, can learn to love each other because there are times that life can be short.”

Director of Counseling Rachel Cole said, “Anytime with this scenario or any other issue, our counselors and our social workers are open to supporting students. I hope that they (the students) know they can come here and either see their counselor or one of our social workers. It’s not always the day that something happens or the day after it happens; we support students sometimes further down the road if something personal happens in their lives. I just want them to know that we are here and available. Even if their counselor isn’t here that day, we would still see them whether it be another counselor or a social worker. “