Superintendent to implement new courses for next school year, improve technology infrastructure at CHS


Senior Esteban Richey uses his phone to check Canvas. He said he often times has difficulty connecting to and using the Wi-Fi in different parts of CHS.

Nyssa Qiao

Assistant Superintendent Amy Dudley said new courses for the 2018-2019 school year were just approved and include: a community service course by creating a technology help desk in which students can get service hours for participation, Robotics Design and Innovation as well as Culinary Arts and Hospitality 2. There are also two new social studies electives for Indiana and African studies.

Associate Superintendent Roger McMichael said as the district continues to integrate technology into student learning, they are also working to improve the infrastructure for the devices to work through the access and speed of Wi-Fi in different parts of the CHS building.

Senior Esteban Richey said he felt the Wi-Fi was not much different compared to last year.

“(I would like) a more stable connection in the media center and in the E and senior hallways,” Richey said.

“It’s kind of a moving target,” McMichael said. “We are constantly wanting to (talk to) users, students and teachers, because we want to keep the network up to speed and that changes all the time as we get more users and more devices. We are constantly working on it and somewhat constantly upgrading it.”

Both Dudley and McMichael said there was nothing new they could comment on regarding Superintendent Nicholas Wahl’s administrative leave since the press release.