Carmel Dads Club travel basketball season started

Carmel Dads Club (CDC) travel basketball season officially began. Although recreational basketball doesn’t start until late November, Lady Pups travel volleyball had tryouts this past week, to create teams for their season in January.

CDC President, Jack Beery says “There is eight boys or girls per team,” He continued, “There are 140 boys and 78 girls from grades second through sixth playing travel basketball this year,” Beery stated.

When recreational basketball begins in late November, there will be 2700 boys and girls throughout Carmel playing basketball.

Freshman Margaret “Maggie” Killian said she thinks that playing CDC is not better than high school sports, but it is different. Killian said, “I think they are different. Carmel high school is so competitive, that there is not always a spot for you on the team, it’s really crazy. But if you do choose to play Carmel Dads Club there’s almost always guaranteed a spot for you if you want to play. It’s not like you get cut or you’re not allowed to play for some reason.”

CDC travel basketball allows children to play basketball with a higher level of competitivity than recreational basketball, make new friends, and provides great coaching by all of the volunteers at CDC. By Jesse Cooper